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1. Presentation

e-Manager™ is the mobile extent of the e-Colibri™ global car sharing solution. 

Designed to be a genuine experience of optimal mobility, it was conceived as an efficient mobility assistant.

From this new mobile application, available on Android and iOs, users can book vehicles within a few seconds, extend their reservations, display the geolocation of nearby stations, check-in the vehicles of their ongoing reservations or lock and unlock the doors using our e-Access module.

2. New reservation

You can click on the dedicated tile on first position on the mobile application to access the New Reservation screen.

Once on that screen, you need to fill in various information fields for the system to be able to make a selection of vehicles available for reservations:  

Choice of the contract: in this field, you need to choose if the reservation is made within the frame of your professional contract linked to the use of a vehicle during your working hours, or your personal contract, for a use on nights and weekends.

 – Choice of the formula: the selection of the formula is done automatically depending on the choice of the contract.

 – Choice of the reservation start and end dates:  Select the time slot during which you wish to book a car sharing vehicle. A calendar automatically appears to make the selection easier.

 – Station:  The default station indicated will be the one chosen as favourite in your user account. Nevertheless, you can always change it if you need to. By clicking on the address, you will access the map of the stations or a complete listing in which you can choose the reference address for your new reservation.

If vehicles are available in the chosen station, you will be redirected to the New Reservation screen. Otherwise, you will need to select a new time slot on the timeline page of the vehicles available on the selected site.

– Choice of the vehicle: you have the possibility to change the vehicle that the system automatically proposes to you by clicking on the name of the model on the new reservation screen. 




3. Functionnalities of the e-Access tile

The e-Access tile is activated on the Welcome screen of the e-Manager™ application 30 minutes before the theoretical beginning of the reservation and gives you access to various functionalities to maximise the user experience of the employee.

3.1 Extend a reservation

In the e-Access module, you can extend your next validated reservation by modifying the hour of the end of this reservation or changing its date in case of an unforeseen event.

Once the new hour or date is chosen, a message of confirmation will appear in order to confirm the modification of the reservation. If the reservation was done using a personal contract, additional costs will apply.

3.2 Check-ins and check-outs of the vehicles

In order to guarantee a quicker communication of information to the manager in case of noticed irregularities on the vehicle, you are invited to perform a check-in at the beginning of the reservation and a check-out at the end. 

You will then have access to the history of reported irregularities on the vehicle and will be able, if needed, to add new ones in order to report them to the manager. You can just take a picture of the damage, and indicate its position on the vehicle directly from the interface of the mobile application.

At the end of the reservation, a check-out is required. You will just need to declare additional irregularities on the vehicle, if any, before leaving it to other users.

3.3 Itinerary

The itinerary page enables you to find how far you are from the station where you will find the vehicle of your reservation.

3.4 Locking and unlocking of the doors

The locking and unlocking of the doors of the vehicles is part of the main functionalities of the e-Access module. Thought as an alternative to the use of your personal badge, you just need to go next to the vehicle of your reservation, then visit the e-Access page of your e-Manager™, and click on the icon that you need.

Warning : Error messages can appear if you did not return the vehicle correctly. For example, if you let the keys on the ignition or if the key box does not contain every card present at the beginning of the reservation.